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The Community Portal

Welcome to the Community Portal. This is where you can learn about the Reporting Wiki, the EiWiki community and its members, and the reporting projects developed on the EiWiki platform.

List of EiWiki Policies and Guidelines

The Reporting Wiki

The Reporting Wiki is a web-based, collaborative project supported by the Executive Agency for Higher Education and Research Funding from Romania. As the name indicates, a wiki technology for developing collaborative websites is being used. This allows members of the EiWiki Community to write articles that any other member can edit. The Reporting Wiki employs an open editing model where every text may be created or edited by any registered user, and changes to an existing text become instantly available without review. No text is owned by its creator or any other editor; all the texts are collectively owned by the EiWiki community. Only the EiWiki Guidelines and Policies are restricted from editing, and changes can be made only by the Administrator after a consensus among members has been reached. Other than that, any user of the Reporting Wiki can take advantage of features made available by MediaWiki, the software that powers EiWiki. Read (more...)

The EiWiki Community

A member of the EiWiki Community may be any person who is involved in the development of a university evaluation report. A member of the EiWiki Community may create new texts as part of a EiWiki Evaluation Project, templates or info-boxes; may edit existing texts, templates or info-boxes; may state personal opinions about a text on the discussion page, including the proposal to delete the respective text. here.

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