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The Reporting Wiki is a web-based, collaborative project supported by the Executive Agency for Higher Education and Research Funding from Romania. As the name indicates, a wiki technology for developing collaborative websites is being used. This allows members of the EiWiki Community to write articles that any other member can edit.

The Underlying Philosophy

The Reporting Wiki employs an open editing model where every text may be created or edited by any registered user, and changes to an existing text become instantly available without review. No text is owned by its creator or any other editor; all the texts are collectively owned by the EiWiki community. Only the EiWiki Guidelines and Policies are restricted from editing, and changes can be made only by the Administrator after a consensus among members has been reached. Other than that, any user of the Reporting Wiki can take advantage of features made available by MediaWiki, the software that powers the Reporting Wiki. The "Discussion" pages associated with each article represent an essential component of the platform, as they materialize the dialogical nature of the Reporting Wiki. They allow coordination among multiple editors, and foster debate among the members of the EiWiki community. Also, there is a "History" page attached to each text, recording every single past revision, making it easy to compare old and new versions and undo changes that an editor considers undesirable, or restore lost content. It is recommended that each member keeps a "watchlist" of texts of interest to them, so that they can easily keep tabs on all recent changes to those articles.

However, even though the Reporting Wiki is supported by the same software as Wikipedia and most of the other wiki websites developed all-around the world, its underlying philosophy is radically different. After all, the Reporting Wiki is targeting a limited number of evaluators, unlike Wikipedia which assumes an encyclopedic mission aimed at a global audience.

Developing the platform

EiWiki content and structure are not meant to be frozen, but rather to evolve in time, reflecting the EiWiki Community. The mechanism through which the platform is changing are the EiWiki Evaluation Projects, which bring together groups of evaluators that collaborate to elaborate the university evaluation reports. All active projects are listed in the EiWiki Evaluation Projects page, allowing members of the EiWiki Community to join an EEP, to initiate one, or to oppose the development of a particular EEP.
Read more about EiWiki Evaluation Projects here.

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