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The first medical school in Romania was created in Iasi, in 1879, within the first modern university in the country. The faculty of medicine became a jurisdictionally independent Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy. Since 1990, the institution operates as the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) and bears the name of one of its faculty members, Grigore T. Popa, a world renowned scientist.

Since 1965, UMF comprises the faculty of medicine, the faculty of dentistry, and the faculty of pharmacy whilst the faculty of bioengineering was founded in 1994. According to the Self Evaluation Report (SER), since its inception, UMF has held its position at the forefront of medical and health sciences education and research within the national realm. Although limited during the communist regime, UMF’s international outreach in both research and education started to develop after 1990 and was a strategic focus ever since. Under the national education law of 2011, UMF was classified as a teaching and advanced research university.

UMF is a public institution with legal personality, governed by the Romanian Constitution, national education laws and the university charter. It is the only medical university in the northeast region of Romania, located in the city of Iasi, one of the largest municipalities in Romania and the centre of the northeast region of Romania. UMF’s main campus is located in the city centre whilst several other buildings for research and education, as well as student housing are located in the Iasi urban area.

The northeast region is the largest and most populated region of Romania. However, the region’s GDP is only 71.7% of the national level. Iasi is the largest university centre in the region. Thirty-three percent of the region’s contribution to the national GDP comes from the education and health sectors. At the national level, only 8% of the unemployed hold a university degree. Due to low costs and the highly qualified workforce, the northeast region of Romania is considered to be one of the most appealing areas for investment in Europe (as per the National Agency for Employment, National Statistics Institute). One of the 10 largest employers in the city of Iasi, UMF is also a significant driving force in the region’s economy and development.

UMF’s research activities take place within nationally accredited research structures comprising two research platforms, 10 research centres and laboratories. UMF has a total of 1446 academic staff, and 315 administrative staff. The number of students registered for undergraduate degrees, Masters, PhDs and residency studies is 11106.

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